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Aveeno® and Cotton Dacron Blends

I have suffered with atopic dermatitis since I was 2 (I am over 60 now), and though there were not many aides to battle this affliction, my parents found several things that over the years helped me a lot. Water used to make my skin burn, so we would use Aveeno in the bath water, which helped to soften it. When I went to bed at night I used to wear white gloves so that the dye in the gloves would not affect the skin. Although coal tar was one of the favored treatments of the day, I could not use it; I think I was allergic to the tar. My skin would burn, I would scratch, and I’d wind up with those weepy sores you can get. I used to find that spicy foods would affect my face, so I would not eat things like tomato sauce. In high school I was put on doses of cortisone, which helped, but I was probably on it too long. I have not had many flare-ups over the years, and I count myself lucky. I have always found that when I get hot my skin gets irritated; it sometimes does this even now. I have found all cotton and cotton Dacron blends help my skin. Wool has always been a problem, as have pure polyester fabrics.

Barbara Zimmerman

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