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Latex or Rubber Against Skin

I love your print newsletter The Advocate and read it from cover to cover. The sharing by people who have “been there” is comforting and helpful. Late in my life, I developed severe Atopic Dermatitis after a prolonged period of intense stress. I was twice in the hospital, where I was rubbed from neck to ankle three times a day with triamcinolone and wrapped in wet sheets. I also used Premarin daily and cortisone creams in varying does over about 10 years.

One of the main things I have found for me is that it’s important to avoid anything next to my skin made of latex or rubber of any sort. Also, I spend much time reading labels. Anything that has polyquaternium or quaternium of any sort is a trigger. Quaternium is a preservative and is in everything – eye drops, creams, soaps, shampoos, etc. I also wash any clothes I buy before I wear them, as most are processed with formaldehyde, which is related to quaternium.

Thank you for all the good work NEA does.

Mary L. O’Brien,
Kaneohe, HI

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