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National Eczema Association’s panel of ecz-perts includes leading medical professionals who specialize in the treatment of eczema as well as patients and patient advocates. If you’re interested in being connected with one of the experts, contact:

Patients and caregivers

Lisa Choy

Northern California-based eczema warrior who continues to battle eczema as an adult after being diagnosed as a young child.
“Even when I look flare-free, that does not mean I am itch-free nor eczema-free. I think about my eczema, how I will treat every itch, and all the steps I need to take to manage it every waking moment.”

Lynell Doyle

Michigan-based eczema and allergy parent.

“I think that eczema awareness is important because it is so much more than just an “itch!”  My family is on a mission to stop the itch.”

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Alexis Smith

Eczema warrior and Instagram #skinfluencer, known as EczemaLove, who’s helping to change the way people see their skin.

“Eczema is so much more than just a rash.”

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