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Superheroes of Expo 2018

…mother and eczema advocate Renee Dantzler has been to nearly every Eczema Expo since the event started back in 2005. This year, the Dantzler family—Renee, husband Anthony (Tony for short)…

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‘All you need is a story and the passion to share it’

…only partially banned 30 to date. “Through this, I’ve learned that consumers need to be their own advocates,” Ellis said. “Not only do we need to be advocating for our…

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My Skin Talks To Me: My Experience Living With Eczema for 40 Years

…talking about their own eczema struggles in The Advocate’s “Scratch Pad” section. I made a donation to NEA so that I could get their materials, and I received a very…

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Bullying and Self-Esteem in Kids with Eczema

…Sci; 22; 430-436 Stawser M, Storch E, Roberti J (2005) The Teasing Questionnaire-Revised: measurement of childhood teasing in adults. J Anxiety Disord; 19; 780-92 First published in The Advocate Fourth…

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Take a stand against step therapy

On Oct. 28, 2019, eczema warrior and patient advocate Raelle Brown, stood beside NEA’s Manager of Grassroots Advocacy Kelly Barta, during a press conference at the Pennsylvania State Capitol, representing…

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Eczema Boot Camp: Suzanne’s Story

…eczema boot Camp regimen if you answer yes to more than one of these questions: Reading this issue of The Advocate brings on tears of frustration or sadness about your…

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5 unexpected health benefits of volunteering

…desire for change and a passion for an eczema-free world for our community. NEA volunteer opportunities: Grassroots Advocates— It can be easy as writing a letter to your representatives all…

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Information For The Media

…and patient advocates. To connect with one of the ecz-perts, contact: media@nationaleczema.org About National Eczema Association (NEA): NEA’s mission is to improve the health and quality of life for individuals…

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Advocating for eczema = opportunity of a lifetime

…about Pancakes. “‘There’s nothing I can do,’ the vet said. And that’s when I realized even animals need awareness too.” Are you ready to become a NEA advocate? Join National…

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NEA Celebrates Another Win for Access to New Atopic Dermatitis Therapy Dupixent

…was insufficient evidence to make a determination on the value of crisaborole at this time. Sue Lipworth, a former NEA board member and NEA advocate was asked to share her…

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