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Eczema Patients’ Bill of Rights

…our health. We are patients and advocates. We believe that eczema patients have the right to: Be acknowledged and heard. We request others who make decisions about our health, welfare,…

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NEA Celebrates Another Win for Access to New Atopic Dermatitis Therapy Dupixent

…was insufficient evidence to make a determination on the value of crisaborole at this time. Sue Lipworth, a former NEA board member and NEA advocate was asked to share her…

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How new federal policies could impact eczema health care

…do I become an advocate for eczema patients? We predict that 2018 will be a year of opportunities and challenges for the eczema community and invite our members to join…

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An open letter to Ellen DeGeneres

…dancing along to a marching band playing “burn baby burn,” I couldn’t help but wonder where the powerful-advocate-and-ally-to-humanity Ellen DeGeneres went? This Ellen was just unaware and unkind, taking comedic…

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Living well with eczema (and all the ways to do it)

…are your own best advocate, Shi says. When it comes to speaking out, LeBovidge agrees with Shi: “Children might consider doing a ‘show and tell’ at school about their experiences…

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Why I Contribute

…leadership to educate and equip medical practitioners so that they are better able to efectively manage eczema care Advocate on behalf of patients so that new and emerging eczema treatments…

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Father of the Year

…that moment, he became the best advocate a child could have. Trias’ team members didn’t hesitate to adopt NEA as the recipient of their winnings. Since then, their new awareness…

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In Your Words

…the impact eczema has on people with eczema and their families, define our national policy priorities, and allow NEA to develop meaningful actions. Together we can effectively advocate for better…

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I receive your NEA Advocate magazine and just wanted to offer a suggestion. I was an eczema sufferer to the very extreme. I had it from head to toe for…

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Give your baby peanuts to reduce the risk of allergy? Experts say yes

…ultimately prevent, infectious, allergic and immunological diseases. Join National Eczema Association in our work to advocate for people with eczema. Sign up here to volunteer to have your voice heard…

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