Patients Can Now Get EczemaWise

NEA’s EczemaWise app helps patients with eczema record their triggers, symptoms, and treatments. Based on science and designed with input from physicians and the eczema community, EczemaWise can reveal trends and insights to help clinicians better understand their patients and tailor treatment plans.

EczemaWise can…

  • Improve efficiency of office visits through more informed and prepared patients
  • Aid adherence to treatment regimens through tailored and actionable information 
  • Promote patient satisfaction through ongoing support 
  • Increase clinician fulfillment through enhanced relationships with patients
  • Facilitate collaboration by indicating when a patient may need a referral to a specialist
  • Advance eczema research by collecting longitudinal, anonymized, patient-reported data

Learn more about EczemaWise.

Encourage your patients to visit to learn more and download the app, available for both iOs and Android and as a web app.

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