Proper Moisturizing Techniques

Just as it is important to use proper bathing techniques, it is important to properly apply moisturizers to your skin within three minutes of showering or bathing.

  • While your skin is still wet, apply prescription medications, and then apply a moisturizer to all your skin.
  • A thick bland product is best.
  • Dispense the moisturizer from large jars with a clean spoon, butter knife, or pump to avoid contamination.
  • Take a dollop of moisturizer from the jar, soften it by rubbing it between your hands, and apply it using the palm of your hand stroking in a downward direction.
  • Do NOT rub by stroking up and down or around in circles.
  • Leave a tacky film of moisturizer on your skin; it will be absorbed in a few minutes.


Everyone has different preferences concerning how products feel on their skin, so try different products until you find one that feels comfortable. Continue use of the moisturizer(s) even after the affected area heals to prevent recurrence.

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