New Smallpox Vaccine

New smallpox vaccine is available for emergency use

The National Eczema Association (NEA) is pleased to note the delivery of 20 million doses of the new smallpox vaccine IMVAMUNE® to the national stockpile of emergency vaccines and other drugs.  The U.S. Government has developed and purchased vaccines to protect people from smallpox in the event that terrorists attempt to weaponize and reintroduce the virus.  These vaccines include traditional smallpox vaccines as well as IMVAMUNE, which can be used in people with compromised immune systems, including individuals with eczema.  Manufactured by Bavarian Nordic, this non-replicating vaccine is now available for emergency use as a medical countermeasure option for people with atopic dermatitis (eczema) who are not recommended to receive traditional replicating smallpox vaccines. The use of these traditional replicating vaccines in people with atopic dermatitis or a history of atopic dermatitis may result in severe side effects including a potentially lethal skin disease called eczema vaccinatum.  The delivery, which can be used to protect 10 million people, marks an important advance in preparedness planning for individuals with eczema.  It also represents a clear recognition on the part of the federal government that these individuals are an important constituency.