Support the NEA Research Fund

NEA is the largest private funder of eczema research in the country, and we increase our investment in research funding every year. We established the NEA Research Fund to generate the resources we need to continue this critical work.

Our commitment

NEA ensures the patient’s voice is included in eczema research and development of groundbreaking new treatments. To date, we’ve distributed more than $1 million in eczema research funding. We are poised to dramatically increase that investment in the coming years.

“NEA invests in new researchers just starting out like me. If it wasn’t for NEA’s grant funding, the field of eczema research would have fewer researchers involved and a lot less projects being funded.”– Dr. Aaron Drucker, Brown University

Our vision

NEA has established a dynamic, multi-faceted research program to increase the scientific and clinical understanding of eczema, as well as its many impacts on individuals and their families. The NEA Research Fund was created in 2020 to secure the resources for this visionary program.

“NEA will support your interests as a patient with scientific rigor. NEA takes a chance on the more innovative research projects that have the potential to really help people living with eczema.”– Dr. Eric Simpson, Oregon Health & Science University

Donate to the NEA Research Fund

Help NEA shape the field of eczema research today and change the future for millions of people with eczema. Your donation to the NEA Research Fund will ensure the success of this life-changing work.

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