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Research signifies the greatest hope for the tens of millions of Americans living with or caring for someone with eczema. At the National Eczema Association (NEA), we pursue research that will yield better treatment and medical care, prevention and – ultimately – a cure. The research we fund and the research we do are driven by the needs expressed by our nationwide community of patients and families.

The time is now for the transformation of eczema research, and NEA is poised to drive that transformation. We are now seeing increased recognition of the seriousness of eczema and a surge in scientific investigation and development of potential treatments. NEA can ensure the patient’s voice and needs are front and center at this pivotal moment in eczema care.

NEA’s vision

By the end of 2025 we aim to raise $1 million from individual supporters like you dedicated to life-changing research and improving the lives of people with eczema. With your investment we will dramatically expand the NEA Research Program and generate a groundswell of scientific advancement. Within the next five years we aim to:

1. Exponentially increase NEA’s investment in research grants,

2. Establish a robust database of information representing the lived experience of our diverse community of individuals and families,

3. Publish NEA’s own research in scientific journals referenced by healthcare providers, researchers, industry leaders and decisionmakers and

4. Galvanize NEA community members to participate in research and advocacy.

The Challenges

There’s still too much unknown about eczema
Despite affecting over 31 million people in the U.S, eczema research has not received adequate funding to sufficiently advance our understanding of the disease and how best to treat it.

Eczema is a complex, chronic, heterogeneous disease that affects everyone differently, and what works for one might not work for another, or even for the same person throughout a lifespan. Research has proven that eczema involves skin barrier disruption and microbiome imbalance, immune system activation and numerous disease triggers. More robust scientific research is needed to help us pinpoint the unique factors that contribute to an individual’s eczema and allow for tailored treatment that is effective over time.

The patient voice has not been front and center
To date, most eczema research has been generated from a clinical or research setting, with doctors and scientists alone reporting outcomes. The patient’s voice has not been sufficiently represented in research or treatment development.

We must hear directly from people with eczema about how the disease affects them. We need to better understand the full experience of eczema and range of impacts on a patient and their family’s life. Hearing from people living with eczema and collecting data about their day-to-day experience of the disease is the only way to gain a comprehensive understanding of eczema impacts, treatment effectiveness and unmet needs.

The Solution: NEA Research Program

NEA is addressing these challenges in two ways: we award grants to scientists conducting cutting-edge eczema research and we conduct our own patient-reported and patient-centered research.

Research We Fund – Research grants
NEA is the largest private funder of eczema research in the country. We gave out our first eczema research grant in 2004, and since then we’ve distributed nearly $1.8 million in funding. Each year we award grants to innovative scientists at all stages of their career – ensuring a pipeline of talented researchers focused on eczema.

Research funded by NEA serves as a catalyst for more research. Findings from the studies NEA funds have been cited in relevant publications more than 3,400 times. For every $1 we award, our grantees leverage NEA’s initial investment to access, on average, an additional $12.83 in National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding to further their work.

Research We Do – Original research
NEA collects real-world data via surveys and our eczema tracking app, EczemaWise. The research we do turns patient experiences into scientific information. The resulting patient-reported data reveals important and novel insights that support treatment development, foster better eczema care and highlight the myriad impacts eczema has on those who live with it.

NEA works with our community to collect information on topics such as the amount of money they spend out-of-pocket on eczema care and their experience of clinical trials, doctor visits and treatment decisions. The data that NEA collects helps fill in the gaps in the understanding of eczema and provides a framework to assess eczema care over time.

Why NEA?

For over 30 years, NEA has been the #1 trusted resource for a diverse and engaged community of people living with eczema. Patients and their families, healthcare providers and researchers, drug manufacturers and policymakers – all come to NEA for information and support. NEA ensures the patient voice is included and valued in education, research and medical care. There is no other organization making the same depth and breadth of contributions to improve the quality of life for people affected by eczema.

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