Wary of Rip-Offs

Dear NEA Scratch Pad:

I have had eczema for about 14 years. During this time, I have searched for and tried every possible magic bullet. The latest outbreak prompted me to desperate measures, so I tried a nationally advertised product. I live on a small fixed income, so it was no easy decision to send $115 for the smallest order possible. I did, however, have hope—false hope as it turned out! After using this product faithfully with no obvious results, I missed the refund deadline due to a trip, and the company refused even a partial refund.

It is my belief that companies such as these are preying upon the desperation of eczema sufferers, and I want to make this known to others from my expensive personal experience. A simple tea tree oil lotion from a health food store does a better job controlling my eczema for about $8 to $10! I have also gotten great results from a $3 tube of herbal cream from a Chinese herbalist.

Beware of heartless money-grabbing rip-offs!


Honolulu, Hawaii

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