Hidden triggers: Just because it's natural or organic doesn't mean it's safe

Allergic contact dermatitis affects at least 20% of the general population and up to 50% of people with atopic dermatitis. Most common triggers of allergic contact dermatitis are ingredients found in personal care products including various preservatives, fragrances, and botanical extracts. Labels in products purporting “natural” “sensitive skin” “dermatologist approved” and “organic” are generally meaningless. This webinar focuses on hidden triggers of atopic dermatitis that are often contained in personal care products and how you can avoid them.

JiaDe (Jeff) Yu, MD
Instructor of Adult and Pediatric Dermatology
Director of Occupational and Contact Dermatitis Clinic
Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA

Lynell Doyle
Eczema and allergy parent

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