IFAC in-person events

Holding an event in your community is an excellent way to raise awareness about eczema and raise funds to support National Eczema Association’s life-changing work.

Step 1: Determine event type

If you’d like to hold an in-person event, the first step is to decide what type will be most fun for you.

Take inspiration from your fellow eczema warriors:









  • Jerri puts on her fundraising and awareness-raising walk in a scenic local park







  • Megan and Brooklyn hold a cookie sale at their school’s annual craft fair

Step 2: Decide when and where

Once you set your date and location, let NEA know! Email info@nationaleczema.org to tell us all about your event: what you’re doing, when it’s happening, and where it’s taking place.

We’ll work with you to figure out what sort of supplies you’ll need for event support. Options include wristbands, buttons, stickers, and educational materials.

Step 3: Set up your fundraiser

You can set up your own fundraising page using NEA’s secure online fundraising system. Any of your friends or family, near and far, can access your page and donate to your event. All donations benefit National Eczema Association’s work, and anyone who donates receives an instant receipt for their tax-deductible gift.

Step 4: Get the word out

Use email, social media, and printed materials to let your community know about your event… and to raise eczema awareness!

NEA can help by providing Eczema Awareness Month logos and, depending on your event type, by adding your event to our events calendar.

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