Research Grants and Awards

NEA has been funding peer-reviewed research since 2004 as the largest private nonprofit source of eczema research support. We provide emerging and established scientific investigators with highly-sought-after grants to explore new, high-impact avenues in adult and pediatric eczema research. Ideally, all awards will generate data that can support a much larger grant proposal.

The types of competitive grants offered are noted below. See each individual grant for eligibility and application instructions. The number of grants may vary by cycle depending on available funds and quality of proposals.

These grants are open for applications through July 31, 2023:

  • Engagement Research Grant – up to $5,000
    Small research grants for emerging investigators intended to explore a new research concept, pilot a new experiment or undertake a novel or secondary data analysis.
  • Catalyst Research Grant – up to $50,000
    Designed to support talented early-career scientists on the path toward becoming the next generation of eczema thought leaders by supporting hypothesis-driven research projects.
  • Childhood Eczema Challenge Grant – up to $50,000                                                                                            This collaborative grant with the Pediatric Dermatology Research Alliance (PeDRA) supports targeted clinical research investigations focused on pediatric eczema. This award is intended to stimulate early and mid-career scientists as they seek to build and sustain careers as research investigators and future thought leaders within this critical field of study.
  • Spotlight Research Grant – up to $60,000                                                                                                                This award is intended to promote research in topic areas of special interest that relate to NEA’s advancement of our overall research priorities for eczema
  • Eczema Champion Research Grant – up to $100,000
    Encourages proven researchers to continue research on emerging or ongoing challenges in eczema or bring their expertise to the field of eczema.
  • Impact Research Grant – up to $150,000
    Encourages research collaboration across departments and institutions to foster multidisciplinary insights in the science and treatment of eczema.

General Grant Guidelines

Proposals submitted for consideration of a NEA grant should address one or more of the following research priorities:

  • Cutting-Edge Basic & Translational Science
  • Eczema Heterogeneity: Novel Insights
  • Innovations in Clinical Practice & Care
  • Understanding & Alleviating Disease Burden
  • Eczema Prevention

Submitted applications that are complete and meet all eligibility criteria will undergo peer review using current National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant scoring criteria (e.g. significance, approach, innovation, investigator, environment).

Direct costs will be reviewed for consistency with the proposed methods and specific aims. Budgetary adjustments may be made by the review panel or NEA. Please see individual award criteria for allowable direct costs. Indirect costs are not allowed on NEA research grants.

Review all NEA grant conditions of award and answers to frequently asked questions.

Email for additional information.

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