Back-to-School Classroom Care Kit for Students with Eczema

Little girl with eczema at school

By National Eczema Association

Published On: Aug 22, 2017

Last Updated On: Aug 22, 2017

Eczema School Care Kit

You can make eczema less of an issue — and make school easier — by putting together a kit with everything your child may need during the school day. The list below is just a suggestion of items that children with eczema may need at school; feel free to add or remove items to suit your child’s particular needs. Find more Tools for School here.

☐ Gloves (for handling materials that may irritate skin)

☐ Moisturizing cream or lotion

☐ Antibiotic ointment

☐ Mild cleanser (if your child cannot tolerate hand soap)

☐ Alcohol-free hand sanitizer

☐ Adhesive bandages

☐ Gauze pads

☐ Spare bandages

☐ Protective clothing

☐ Written instructions (see below)

Information for teachers

The more your child’s teacher knows about his or her condition, the better prepared they’ll be to help your child have a positive school experience. Provide teachers with a document answering the following questions.

Does your child use any eczema medications?

Does your child’s eczema require regular application of a moisturizer?

Is scratching a problem for your child?

What strategies have you found helpful in coping with or minimizing scratching?

Do you know of any allergens (dust, pollen, pet dander) that aggravate your child’s eczema?

Are there any other aggravating factors that you know of?

Are there any foods that your child should avoid?

Does your child have any limitations on activities because of eczema?

Is your child’s sleep affected by eczema? Might this contribute to tardies, absences, or sleepiness in class?

How does eczema affect your child emotionally? Socially?

Has your child previously experienced any problems in school because of eczema?

Do you have any suggestions or insights you would like to share about helping your child cope with eczema at school?

Is there anything else you would like to share that you feel might be helpful?

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