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Itching for a Cure Walk

Itching for a Cure walk for eczema

2017 Itching for a Cure Coming Soon!

2016 Itching for a Cure Los Angeles

Do you feel frustrated because people don’t take your eczema seriously?

Or because they won’t hold hands with your child because they’re afraid it’s contagious?

Or because no matter what you do, treatments just don’t seem to work?

DSC_0200You and NEA can change things. Really. Step by step.

In 2015, more than 550 Itching for a Cure (IFAC) participants walked with NEA and raised nearly $120,000. IFAC support helps build awareness and a greater understanding of eczema and advances research focused on improving patient care.

Join us! Step with NEA toward a cure for eczema by walking, donating, or creating an Itching for a Cure team at this year’s 2016 Itching for a Cure Walk on Sunday, October 2, 2016 on the UCLA campus. And if you can’t join us that day in Los Angeles, be a virtual walker and organize an Itching for a Cure walk in your own community. For Parking and Directions, click here.

Together, we’ll ensure that the more than 30 million people affected by eczema have access to research, support, and education that will help them live healthy and empowered lives.

Step toward a cure for eczema with us –
be an eczema advocate and advance research!