People Engaged in Eczema Research

What will it take to find a cure for eczema? Research. And who is responsible for eczema research? All of us.

If you have eczema or love someone who does, you can increase the pace of research and directly improve the lives of millions dealing with this life-changing disease.

Since 2004, the National Eczema Association has funded research to help better understand why eczema develops and evolves, its impact on those who have it, and how to best manage the symptoms of this complex disease.

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Our community is central to our work in eczema research. Through our People Engaged in Eczema Research (PEER) program, we bring people with eczema directly into the research process. Today, we have hundreds of people working to further eczema research through the PEER program – but we need more. We invite you directly impact the future of eczema research by joining our community of citizen scientists. There are several ways to participate:

Get your opinion heard

Sign-up to receive research surveys via email. NEA regularly asks its community to give a first-hand account of what its like to live with eczema. Results from these confidential surveys are used to better understand the impact of eczema on the everyday lives of children and adults coping with this condition.

Participate in a clinical trial

Clinical studies are important to developing new therapies for eczema. By participating in a clinical trial, you may have access to new treatments not yet available to the market. Additionally, you may receive free health care services and financial compensation for participation. It’s important to check with your health care provider to determine if taking part in a clinical trial is right for you. Sign-up here to receive announcements of clinical trials in your area.

Raise your hand

Join National Eczema Association in encouraging lawmakers to pass legislation that helps people with eczema get access to safe, affordable treatments and increases the number of dollars the government allocates to eczema research. Learn more.

Support the NEA Research Fund

Consider a donation to the NEA Research Fund. NEA is the largest private funder of eczema research in the country, and we increase our investment in eczema research funding every year. Your donation support of NEA can shape the field of eczema research today.

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