Expo Camp

Expo Camp is a world created just for kids with eczema. It’s a space that’s allergy-friendly and judgment-free. It’s a place where no one looks at you funny if you’re flaring and you’ll meet a bunch of new best friends who “get it.” World-class ecz-perts visit Expo Camp to share information and offer compassionate support to eczema warriors, their siblings, friends and other supporters. Expo Camp comprises three camps:

  • Mini Warriors (age 0-4)
  • Junior Warriors (age 5-12)
  • Senior Warriors (age 12-17)

All camps are designed to support children with eczema by providing a fun, safe environment that entertains, educates and nurtures self-esteem. Expo Camp facilitators, Corporate Kids Events (CKE), are carefully planning a camp full of fun activities, creative projects, exciting outings and age-appropriate educational sessions. Expo Camp is a safe place for children with eczema. All CKE counselors are certified in CPR and First Aid, fingerprinted and background checked and take part in an extensive training program.

Read Expo Camp FAQs.

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