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Discovering and Avoiding Eczema Triggers: Tips from the NEA Community

Three NEA community members tell how they use baths to manage their symptoms and prevent flare-ups

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How Dietary Supplements Helped My Eczema from the NEA Community

Five members of the NEA community share their stories of how they used vitamin supplements to improve their eczema symptoms.

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Bullying and Self-Esteem in Kids with Eczema

Many studies have looked at how teasing and bullying based on appearance affects people physically and mentally.

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My Skin Talks To Me: My Experience Living With Eczema for 40 Years

In my 40-plus years of living with eczema, I’ve learned that my attitude profoundly affects how my disease responds to treatment.

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Eczema Boot Camp: Suzanne’s Story

The Eczema Boot Camp regimen perhaps did not save my life, but it gave me back my life. Wet wrap therapy is the most effective tool I’ve found after 36 years of struggle.

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Advocating for eczema = opportunity of a lifetime

A college student passionate about patient rights had October declared Eczema Awareness Month in her home state of Louisiana, then took on Congress in Washington, D.C.

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NEA Celebrates Another Win for Access to New Atopic Dermatitis Therapy Dupixent

ICER, a nonprofit that conducts independent reviews on clinical effectiveness and value of treatments, found Dupixent to be a “high value” drug for adults with atopic dermatitis.

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Spotlight: Never Lose Hope

A newly approved treatment finally brings relief to a woman who’s coped with severe eczema for more than 70 years.

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An Old Treatment Approach Offers New Option to Eczema Patients

Internet renowned pediatric dermatologist Dr. Richard Aron uses a unique compounded topical to treat eczema patients.

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Know Your Legal Rights

Everyone deserves to feel happy and healthy, especially you. Get to know your patient rights. Your Right to Access Health Care You have insurance-related legal rights through the Affordable Care Act and Medicare. This includes requiring insurance plans to cover people with pre-existing health conditions without charging more, holding them accountable for rate increases, protecting […]

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