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Why I became an eczema advocate

…to find a different job, I learned about the National Eczema Association and instantly signed up to become an advocate. I knew that I could make a change for people…

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How to be an advocate for yourself and others

…dermatologists, patient group leaders, practice administrators and political insiders, in addition to patient advocates like Ellis. The goal of the conference was to educate participants about how health policy impacts…

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October 2018 declared Eczema Awareness Month in Georgia!

…Georgia state legislators In addition to taking a stand on policy issues that affect access to treatment and funding for research, our advocates are also raising awareness by having their…

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Put Some Skin in the Game

…our community of advocates as we claim this right for all of Americans with eczema. As a NEA advocate, you are part of a movement to demand better treatments and…

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Who’s looking out for you? Eczema & Self-Advocacy

…improvement. “I was miserable. It felt like my skin was on fire. Something had to be done,” she said. That’s when Byrnes decided to become her own self-advocate. She researched…

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Ryland rallies for medical research

…what it means to advocate for eczema warriors nationwide. Eczema Matters: Could you give us a rundown of what goes on in these meetings? Ryland Mortlock: In these meetings, we…

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7 easy tips for talking to elected officials about eczema

…telephone calls are all solid options for helping to develop these personal connections with legislators. We asked two seasoned NEA advocates for their advice on communicating with elected officials. 1….

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How Dietary Supplements Helped My Eczema from the NEA Community

…that Advocate readers do an Internet search with the key words “vitamin D and eczema.” There are thousands of articles attesting to its potential as a preventive and treatment when…

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Superheroes of Expo 2018

…mother and eczema advocate Renee Dantzler has been to nearly every Eczema Expo since the event started back in 2005. This year, the Dantzler family—Renee, husband Anthony (Tony for short)…

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Eczema Patients’ Bill of Rights

…our health. We are patients and advocates. We believe that eczema patients have the right to: Be acknowledged and heard. We request others who make decisions about our health, welfare,…

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