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Eczema Expo

Many thanks to all who joined us at Eczema Expo 2019!

We look forward to seeing you at Eczema Expo 2020, June 25-28, in Orlando, FL. Registration will open in late January 2020. Don’t miss the registration announcement! Be sure you’re getting our emails.

What is Eczema Expo?

Picture a magical place where no one looks at you funny because you have eczema. Where you can strip down to your swimsuit at the pool without having to explain your flares. Where having eczema means you’re just like everyone else.

Imagine an enchanted universe where the menu is free of the top 8 allergens, the fitness classes are low-sweat, the massage menu is flare-friendly and judgement-free, and cutting edge eczema education is delivered by world-class experts.

This wondrous world exists, and it’s called Eczema Expo.

National Eczema Association’s Eczema Expo is a 4-day gathering for the eczema community, uniting patients of all ages, caregivers, and medical and industry professionals. Expo focuses on empowering people with eczema to live their best life, with an emphasis on holistic health and wellness.

Have questions about Eczema Expo? Want to get involved? Interested in becoming a sponsor or exhibitor for a future Expo? Email expo@nationaleczema.org.