Research Priorities

NEA funds forward thinking basic, clinical and translational adult and pediatric eczema research guided by the five research priorities established by our Scientific & Medical Advisory Council:

  • Cutting-Edge Basic & Translational Science
    Innovative investigations of targets, pathways or technologies that will advance understanding of the pathophysiology or natural history of eczema, and potentially lead to novel or enhanced therapeutic/preventative areas of exploration or application.
  • Eczema Heterogeneity: Novel Insights
    Projects aimed at advancing understanding of the underlying factors contributing to the diversity of eczema clinical presentation, treatment response and comorbidities.
  • Innovations in Clinical Practice & Care
    Studies addressing approaches to facilitate optimal identification and treatment of eczema and associated comorbidities in all health care settings to enhance patient-reported and patient-centric outcomes.
  • Understanding & Alleviating Disease Burden
    Insightful proposals that identify, quantify or aim to reduce aspects of eczema burden that negatively affect patient or family/caregiver quality of life (including lifestyle, academic/occupational, or economic impacts) based on patient population, treatment approach, etc.
  • Eczema Prevention
    Novel investigations into the potential risk factors and strategies of primary eczema prevention at all ages.

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