Policy for Corporate Relationships

The mission of The National Eczema Association (NEA) is to improve the quality of life for eczema sufferers and their families and to provide education and fund research relating to the treatment of eczema. NEA recognizes that outreach and engagement with unrelated entities can positively serve its mission. Accordingly, NEA engages in a variety of strategic relationships with corporations, unincorporated entities and individuals (all of whom are collectively designated herein by the terms “corporation” or “corporate”). Some relationships may have support or educational objectives; some may be intended to create awareness or promote research; some may be designed for fund raising purposes; and some may be multifaceted in nature. All such relationships are entered into for the purpose of fulfilling and advancing the mission of NEA.

This corporate relations policy is intended to establish procedures and strategies which ensure that NEA’s integrity and independence remains unimpaired and uncompromised when NEA avails itself of opportunities for the development of support, education, awareness and research.


The NEA Board of Directors has determined that the establishment and maintenance of corporate relationships shall be governed by the following principles:

Mission-related benefit: Corporate relationships must provide a meaningful and substantial mission-related benefit to the general public or particular constituencies of NEA.

Independence: NEA shall exercise independent judgment in its decision-making and NEA shall avoid conflicts of interest, or the appearance thereof, when establishing and maintaining corporate relationships. No such relationship will provide special access or input into NEA’s decision-making process.

Consistency: All corporate relationships must be maintained in a manner that is consistent with NEA’s principles, public positions, policies and standards.

Consumer Communications: Materials directed to the public regarding a corporate relationship will contain clear terms or statements, such that a reasonable individual can fully understand the nature and extent of the corporate relationship.

Disclosure: Upon request, unless otherwise prohibited by law, NEA will promptly and fully disclose the financial and other benefits that it receives from a corporate relationship and all material provisions of the relationship. NEA will also disclose the financial benefits it receives from a corporate relationship when a purchase by a consumer causes a donation to be made to NEA, including the amount or percentage of the purchase price that will be paid to NEA, the duration of the promotion and any maximum or guaranteed minimum contribution amount (e.g., up to a maximum of $200,000). NEA will disclose the name(s) of the individual corporations identified on Schedule B of its Form 990 (more than the greater of $5,000 or 2% of the total amount of contributions reported on line 1 h of Part VIII of Form 990) and the aggregate amount of support provided by each corporation AND/OR the total amount of corporate support from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies as a percentage of total organizational revenue. Disclosure information will be posted on NEA’s website in an easily accessible location within six months of the close of the fiscal year.

Endorsement & Certification: NEA does not endorse particular products or types of products. Certifications, which are distinct from an explicit endorsement or recommendation to buy a particular brand product or service, may only be issued when a particular product or service complies with or satisfies an applicable or relevant standard or criteria of the NEA. Exclusive certifications will be avoided unless they: (i) are limited to a particular activity for a specified time period; (ii) provide meaningful benefit to NEA and the public; and (iii) do not prohibit NEA from engaging in different types of activities with competing corporations and/or products. Special scrutiny, including regulatory guidelines, must be applied when prescription and over-the-counter drugs and devices are involved to avoid unintended endorsement, suggestion of product superiority, or bias for or against a specific product.

Exclusivity: In general, there will not be exclusive arrangements in promotions or certifications. However, exclusivity is acceptable for sponsorships, health message promotions and licensed products. Exclusivity may be granted to a corporation or product for a particular activity for a specified time period if there is sufficient benefit to NEA and the public and there is no prohibition against NEA engaging in other events with competing corporations or products.

Adherence: The corporate relationship must adhere to all applicable state and local laws and regulations.

Privacy: NEA shall have written guidelines to protect the privacy of participants in corporate-sponsored activities and/or programs.


The NEA Board of Directors has further determined that corporate relationships shall be implemented and reviewed in accordance with the following guidelines:

Organizational Policies: Corporate relationships are subject to ongoing review, approval and evaluation by the NEA Board of Directors. The Board will also evaluate on an annual basis the total amount of corporate support received as a percentage of total revenue.

Compliance: NEA will establish procedures to ensure compliance with its policy for corporate relationship by NEA staff and volunteers. The policy for corporate relationships will be circulated to all involved parties, with a request to acknowledge receipt and full understanding of said policy.

Use of Name & Logo: Use of the NEA name, logo and identifying marks in a corporate relationship must be reviewed and approved by NEA in writing in advance of their use, including in statements, advertising or other materials from the corporation. Usage of the NEA name, logo and identifying marks shall be specified in addition to the period of usage.

Written Agreement: There shall be a written agreement between NEA and the corporation prior to implementation of the corporate relationship. The written agreement will clearly indicate: (i) the consideration that will be received by NEA; (ii) whether the consideration is unrestricted or restricted to support a particular event or program activity; (iii) a written description of the mission-driven activity supported that both parties will agree to use for purposes of disclosure to the general public; (iv) the manner in which the corporate relationship will be disclosed to the general public; (v) that NEA retains complete control of and right of approval over all content related to the event or program activity; and (vi) the manner in which NEA’s name, logo and/or identifying marks may be used by the corporation.

Adopted July 2007

Revised and Approved December 16, 2009

Revised and Approved January 28, 2017

Revised and Approved August 5, 2017

Revised and Approved June 23, 2020

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