Patient and Caregiver Research Advisory Council

The Patient and Caregiver Research Advisory Council (PC-RAC) is composed of eczema patients and caregivers who help inform research conducted by the National Eczema Association (NEA). Council members share their lived experiences with eczema with NEA researchers. 

The PC-RAC serves as a bridge between NEA’s research team and the eczema community. The PC-RAC was formed with the recognition that patients and families are an essential resource to NEA and it will represent the interests and perspectives of the eczema community.

Council Members

Anne Marre Bautista 

Anne Marre (AM) Bautista, a researcher and eczema patient from Los Angeles, utilizes her personal battles with eczema to inspire change in the community. As a new member of the PC-RAC, she is focused on raising the profile of eczema patients’ experiences in research, aiming to deepen understanding and improve support for individuals living with this challenging condition.

Bryan Dosono 

Bryan Dosono, PhD, is an eczema patient who designs global products in consumer technology as a user experience leader in New York City. He joined the PC-RAC to contribute his unique perspective for advancing eczema advocacy and research.

Ashley Ellis

Ashley Ellis is a pharmacist and mom to Hadley who has lived with moderate to severe eczema since 4 months of age, both living in Collierville, Tennessee. She is happy to contribute her caregiver and treatment access experiences to PC-RAC.

Nicole Ellis
Nicole is a wife and mother from La Vernia, Texas, and her youngest child (age 5) has multiple types of moderate to severe eczema. Nicole joined the PC-RAC because she is passionate about advocating not just for her own daughter’s care, but to give a voice to the caregivers of those with eczema and their potential contributions to NEA’s research.

Salatha Helton

Salatha Helton is a licensed marriage and family therapist and eczema patient from Oahu, Hawaii. She joined the PC-RAC to emphasize the importance of eczema awareness in communities of color, utilizing her experience to advocate for better, culturally informed care solutions.

Nicole Newman 

Nicole is an eczema patient and works as an associate at a multinational law firm. She joined the PC-RAC so she could use her personal experience as a patient with severe eczema to spread awareness and bring compassion and understanding to the eczema community.

Molly Parks

Molly is a mom of a 12-year-old who has struggled with eczema since birth. She lives in Durham, North Carolina, where she is a therapist and enjoys spending time with her family and getting outside as much as possible.

Chelsea Schopper 
Chelsea is the mother of an eczema patient and works as a special services coordinator and health educator at a private school in Northern Illinois. She joined the PC-RAC so she could use her personal experience as a patient caregiver as well as her background in public health education to have a positive impact on NEA’s research.

Dana Sellers 

Dana is the visionary force behind Beauty In Color, a groundbreaking blog and platform that transcends traditional beauty norms, championing wellness through the unique lens of eczema. Diagnosed during her formative years, Dana’s path epitomizes resilience, navigating the complex realm of skincare with a steadfast dedication to simplicity and inclusivity.

Dylan Shaffer 

Dylan is an eczema patient who is taking a gap year before attending law school in the fall and he currently resides in Huntley, Illinois. He has dealt with mild to severe eczema his entire life and wants to use his past adversity to make a positive impact within the eczema community.

Maisie Wong-Paredes 

consumer insights helping companies develop products that exceed customer expectations. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Maisie hopes to use her family’s experience and collectively with the PC-RAC to proactively and positively impact the lives of those affected by eczema.

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