April Abell Sr. Director, Corporate Partnerships

Christine Anderson  Associate Director, Research Operations

Yessica Ayala Associate Director, CRM & Systems Administration

Jessica Bartolini Sr. Associate Director, Corporate Partnerships

Julie Block  President & CEO

Taneea Braggs Operations Support Specialist

Sam DeWys Senior Design Director

Nora Eigenbrodt  Senior Manager, Grassroots Advocacy

Michele Guadalupe, MPH Director of Advocacy and Access

Lauren Hewett Director, Marketing

Tenesha Wallace Hood Associate Director, HCP Engagement

Jessica Johnson, MPH Director, Community Research & Engagement

Allison Loiselle, PhD Senior Manager, Data Science & Research

Clare Maloney Senior Writer

Bryan Mantell Research Data Analyst

Alana Mari Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Jennifer Moncayo-Hida, Managing Editor

Leigh Weinberg Senior Marketing Manager

Dani Morshead Social Media Manager

Ivan Potoski, Marketing Cloud Administrator

Scott Sanford, MS  Chief Operating Officer

Wendy Smith-Begolka, MBS Chief Strategy Officer, Research, Medical & Community Affairs

Melody Sugg, CFRE Vice President, Philanthropy

Isabelle Thibau, MPH Associate Director, Real-World Data

Jose Torres Director, Technology

Susy Valle Associate Director, Community Engagement

Tenesha Wallace Hood Associate Director, HCP Engagement

Amber Whiteside Vice President, Marketing & Communications

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