Breaking News: FDA Approves Adbry™ (tralokinumab-ldrm)


By National Eczema Association

Published On: Dec 28, 2021

Last Updated On: Dec 15, 2023

Today the eczema community is one step closer to having a new treatment option. Adbry™, a biologic medication for adults (18+) with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis (AD) for whom topical prescription treatments have not adequately worked or are not advised, has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Adbry, from manufacturer LEO Pharma, is available by prescription only and is expected to be available in pharmacies by February 2022.

Biologic drugs or “biologics” are genetically engineered from proteins derived from living cells or tissues, designed to target specific parts of the immune system that contribute to chronic inflammatory diseases such as AD. 

Adbry works by blocking a type of protein called interleukin-13, or IL-13, from binding to its cell surface receptors. IL-13 can be produced by many cells of the immune system and has been found to contribute to the inflammatory processes and decreased barrier functions in AD. By blocking IL-13 from binding to its receptors (IL-13R alpha 1 and IL-13R alpha 2), Adbry inhibits this component of the immune system’s over-reaction that can result in AD. A calmer immune system leads to fewer and/or less severe signs and symptoms of AD.

Like other biologics, Adbry is an antibody with a unique protein structure, and must be given by injection. If given in a pill, our digestive system would break down the protein structure needed for Adbry to bind to its target, making the drug ineffective.

It’s important to talk to your doctor about how AD affects your skin and other aspects of your life. Together, you and your healthcare provider can determine if Adbry is an appropriate treatment option.

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