Eczema Provider Finder Application and Updates

Help our community find you by joining NEA’s list of eczema providers. If you’re already listed in our Eczema Provider Finder, submit the form below to update your existing information.

Please allow two to three weeks for us to review your application. We’ll reach out if we have any questions and notify you via email once our review is complete. If your application is approved, we’ll update your information on our website within two to three days.

If there are multiple providers in one clinic, each provider must complete an individual application. If you are a provider with multiple practices, please fill out an application for each individual practice.

Please note: the NEA Eczema Provider Finder is currently open to U.S. providers only.

Eczema Provider Finder Application

If you do not know your ID (EPF-####) please reach out to NEA via telephone at 800-818-7546

Person filling out the this form

Do not enter a role-based email addresses such
as admin@, info@, office@, etc
Physician Details

Example: Jr, Sr, or II

Do not enter a role-based email addresses
such as admin@, info@, office@, etc.

Example: MD, DO or Board

Practice Details

If your practice does not have a website you will have to enter
a link to your personal professional profile.

Format: ###-###-####


Treatments Offered

Accepted Payment Methods

Click submit to confirm that the provider is longer at your practice.
Please allow 2-3 business days for the provider's entry to be
removed from NEA's Eczema Provider Finder. 

Profile Photo Guidelines

You can ensure that the directory displays a great profile photo by following these guidelines.


  • Use a square image with a minimum width and height of 500px.
  • Use an image with good resolution that appears sharp at 500px.
  • Use a jpg or jpeg file format.
  • Use a photo that has plenty of space above the subjects head, and plenty of space to the sides. NEA can always crop excessive space to make sure the photo looks great.


  • Use photos that are not square.
  • Use photos that have the subjects head too close to the edge – the profile may end up covered by the outer profile circle.
  • Use photos of low resolution that are too pixelated at 500px width and height.

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