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Get the tools and support you need to best manage your eczema

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Put Some Skin in the Game

Millions of Americans have eczema. Millions of Americans cope with this painful, unpredictable disease that starts with the immune system and ends with itchy, red, rashy skin that covers the body. Millions of Americans with eczema spend their days beating back flares and avoiding triggers, trying to reduce the impact of this disease on every part of their lives, wanting relief.

Are you or someone you love one of these millions?

Health is a human right. Raise your voice to support people with eczema!

Join the National Eczema Association and our community of advocates as we claim this right for all of Americans with eczema. As a NEA advocate, you are part of a movement to demand better treatments and a cure for this devastating disease.

Advocacy Update

Being an advocate isn’t easy. Nothing this important ever is. But being an advocate matters. It’s how we change policies and laws to help people with eczema achieve better health. It’s how we remove roadblocks, so our community can get the care they need to live well.

So we’re asking you to put some skin in the game and join us in this important work. Because if we don’t stand up for our community, who will?

Sign up here to receive updates on policy initiatives impacting eczema awareness and access to medical treatments, or to participate in an engagement.  Also, be sure to take a moment to read our position statements and learn more about the issues.

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