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An Old Treatment Approach Offers New Option to Eczema Patients

…“If it’s convenient, the late-day dose can be applied after a bath.” Perhaps surprisingly, he doesn’t advocate the use of additional moisturizer in the early stages of treatment, when the…

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Eczema Awareness Month: It’s Time to Take Action

…for Eczema! Tell your public officials that eczema is an important public health issue and that you support NEA. Read how eczema advocate Abagail Llewellyn’s efforts led to her state…

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In Your Words Surveys 2018

…the impact eczema has on people with eczema and their families, define our national policy priorities, and allow NEA to develop meaningful actions. Together we can effectively advocate for better…

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Squad Goals: Build Your Own Eczema Care Team

Want to know the best way to take charge of your eczema and be a self-empowered advocate for your health and well-being? Create your own eczema care team consisting of…

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From ‘lobster boy’ to finally loving myself

…believe my future is bright. My advice is to be your biggest advocate, do what’s best for you, and above all, stay strong. Bailey Losa is a 20-year-old eczema warrior…

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5 unexpected health benefits of volunteering

…desire for change and a passion for an eczema-free world for our community. NEA volunteer opportunities: Grassroots Advocates— It can be easy as writing a letter to your representatives all…

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Advocating for eczema = opportunity of a lifetime

…about Pancakes. “‘There’s nothing I can do,’ the vet said. And that’s when I realized even animals need awareness too.” Are you ready to become a NEA advocate? Join National…

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Hungry for eczema relief? You’re not alone.

…the World Pizza Championship in Naples, Italy, in 2012. The legendary pastry chef has been a long-time advocate for females in the culinary arts. A firm believer in physical fitness,…

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6 holiday gift ideas for the Eczema Warrior in your life

…treatments, and allow NEA to advocate on the state and federal levels to improve the lives of people with eczema. Can you guess who has the best eczema-friendly gift ideas?…

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Advocacy Priorities

…people managing serious chronic diseases. NEA Policy Priority: Advocate for the passage of state legislation that caps out-of-pocket costs (co-payments, coinsurance limits, and prepayment requirements) on specialty drugs. Network Adequacy…

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