Survey on Eczema Community Perception of Clinical Trials

In 2020, the research team at the National Eczema Association (NEA) conducted an online survey to learn about the eczema patient and caregiver community’s awareness of, experience with and motivations/barriers to participating in eczema clinical trials. A fuller understanding of eczema clinical trial awareness, attitudes and participation factors could be used to inform eczema clinical trial design, education and recruitment — ultimately changing patients’ future experiences in eczema clinical trials. 

Based on the survey responses, the NEA research team found that reducing barriers to participation and making an effort to improve clinical trial awareness and literacy may lead to increased participation in eczema clinical trials.

Research publications

Key findings from this research were published in: Acta dermato-venereologica; Skin Health and Disease; and Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications. Click on the articles below to read the full journal articles.

Acta Dermato-venereologica, “Factors associated with eczema clinical trial awareness, interest, and participation in adults”

Skin Health and Disease, “Patient and caregiver motivators and barriers to eczema clinical trial participation: Analysis of survey data”

Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications, “Factors related to eczema clinical trial participation among adult patients and caregivers”

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Survey one-pager

Download the clinical trial participation one-pager.

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Press release: New research reveals most critical factors for eczema patients in considering a clinical trial

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